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LacMus Festival – Online Tickets Presale 2019


1. Please select the concerts and the typology of tickets: Full price or Reduced price (please check your right to reduction in the following paragraph).
If you want to buy Full and Reduced tickets you must place orders separately. First all those of one type and then the other.

2. Select quantity for each concert.
For technical reasons you can buy a maximum of 4 tickets at a time for each concert. For a larger number you need to make separate purchases.

3. Scroll down the page, enter your data and click BUY TICKETS.

A presale fee of 5% will be applied to all tickets, in addition to the ticket price.

All seats are UNNUMBERED.
The earlier you arrive, the better seat you can get.

In case of non-participation tickets cannot be refunded.

Free concerts cannot be booked.

Reduction applies to:

Residents of Tremezzina
Students up to 26 years of age

Proof of age and student card must be shown at the box office, otherwise you will be requested to pay the full amount.

You can get a discount on the concerts of the first week (4 concerts) and the second week (5 concerts). The discount will be applied automatically and shown in the order summary.

NB: The discount will only be applied if all selected concerts have the same number of tickets.

Selecting the concerts 2, 3, 4 and 6 the following discount will be applied:

– Entire: 145,00 110,00 €
– Reduced: 70,00 55,00 €

Selecting the concerts 7, 8, 9, 11 and 12 the following discount will be applied:

– Entire: 165,00 125,00 €
– Reduced: 90,00 70,00 €