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We would like to thank for their support:

The Abbott Family
Jerry and Pinuccia Bagnani
Mauro and Rosy Barberi
Mariagrazia Bellocchio
Stefano and Arianna Beonio Brocchieri
Giorgio and Caroline Bosetti Carcano
Gabriele Bresciani
Arthur and Laetitia Chien
Geoffrey Cone
Giovanni Costantino
Dominiek De Clerck
Regine De Clercq
Seldy Cramer
Marc Deschamps
Francesca, Patrick and Ferdinand Droulers
Jean-Marc Droulers and Barbara Wild
Nathalie Droulers
Michel Gagnon
Simone and Michael Haentjes
David and Michelle Horowitz
Michael Huffington
GK and Saini Kanaan
Bill and Marsha Link
Keld Mikkelsen and Marianne Brandi
Timothy Molnar
Silvana Mombelli Thommen
David & Molly Pyott Foundation
Jonathan and Hanna Roos Cantab
Philippe and Joanne Rouzaud
Schnabel Music Foundation
Richard and Enika Schulze Foundation
Olga Smirnova and Charles Colette
Villa Cagni Troubetzkoy
Ken Waigand (in memory)
Kathy and John Ward

And all anonymous Donors, Artists, Volunteers, LacMus Festival Women’s Guild and Staff.