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Useful information for purchasing Tickets

Where can I buy tickets for LacMus Festival 2022?

LacMus Festival 2022 tickets can be purchased online on the external platform ooo.events.

If they do not run out before the concert date, it will also be possible to purchase them on site.

We suggest buying directly online, as venue capacities are very small and for some situations, it will be difficult to find tickets available for sale on site.

How do I purchase tickets online?

To purchase tickets online, you should go to the LacMus Festival 2022 Program page, where you can see all available concerts.

Clicking on each individual concert will take you to the dedicated page with all the details (Music Program, Useful Info). On this page there is a “Buy Tickets” button that takes you directly to the oooh.events platform to be able to buy tickets for that concert.

Is it necessary to register to purchase a ticket on oooh.events?

A user registration is required to purchase on the platform.

Are any fees charged?

For each individual transaction (e.g., 2 tickets to a concert), ooo.events charges service fees in which are included the payment processing fees.

The fees are as follows, with small differences for currencies other than Euro:
ooo.events: 4% + € 0.50 per ticket
Payment processing: variable fee from 0.8% to 2.9% + fixed fee from € 0.00 to € 0.25 depending on the payment method chosen and the type of card used.

Is it possible to buy multiple tickets to the same concert at the same time?

Yes, 1 to 8 tickets can be purchased for each concert depending on the capacity.
You can also purchase tickets with different rates for the same concert, e.g., 2 Full Price and 3 Reduced Price.

Is it possible to buy tickets for multiple concerts at the same time?

It is NOT possible to purchase tickets from different concerts at the same time..
In fact, the platform blocks for 15 minutes each ticket you try to buy and therefore does not allow you to add tickets from other concerts to the same purchase.

Is it possible to request a refund for purchased tickets?

Due to the limited capacity of the venues, purchased tickets are non-refundable unless the event is completely cancelled.

LacMus Festival concerts are all held outdoors.
In case of rain, a backup location is provided where you can attend the concert indoors. You will find it listed on each individual concert page.
In case of rain you will be notified in advance by email provided at the time of purchase.

Is a reduction provided?

Yes, for all concerts, except for concerts at Villa del Balbianello, it is possible to purchase reduced tickets if eligible for the reduction.

The reduction, where applicable, is reserved for students up to and including 25 years of age, residents of the municipality of Tremezzina, and residents of the municipality of Sala Comacina. An official document certifying the right to the reduction will be requested at the entrance to the concert. In the absence of such proof, you will be asked to supplement the cost of the ticket.

For the concerts at Villa del Balbianello there are 2 sectors of concert attendance, each with its own fare: € 60.00 to attend the concert in the Loggia in front of the musicians. € 30.00 to attend the concert from the garden with reduced visibility.

Do you need more information?

Email us at ticketing@lacmusfestival.com or send us a message via whatsapp at +39 0344 197 6445.