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Useful information for purchasing Tickets

Where can I buy tickets for LacMus Festival?

LacMus Festival 2022 tickets can be purchased online on the external platform Vivaticket.

If they do not run out before the concert date, it will also be possible to purchase them on site.

We suggest buying directly online, as venue capacities are very small and for some situations, it will be difficult to find tickets available for sale on site.

How do I purchase tickets online?

To purchase tickets online, you should go to the LacMus Festival 2024 Program page, where you can see all available concerts.

Clicking on each individual concert will take you to the dedicated page with all the details (Musicians, Program, Useful Info). On this page there is a “Buy Tickets” button that takes you directly to the Vivaticket platform to be able to buy tickets for that concert.

Alternatively, you can go directly to the Vivaticket page that groups all the concerts and purchase the tickets you want.

Is it necessary to register to purchase a ticket on Vivaticket?

A user registration is required to purchase on the platform.

Are commissions charged?

Vivaticket charges each fare a 7.5 percent service commission.

Is it possible to buy multiple tickets to the same concert at the same time?

Yes, for each concert you can purchase from 1 to 10 tickets for a single fare.
You can also purchase tickets with different fares for the same concert.

Is it possible to buy tickets for multiple concerts at the same time?

Yes, once you have selected a ticket fare, and after adding it to your cart, you can enter the page of another concert and thus add as many tickets as you wish.

WARNING! The platform keeps the tickets added to the cart locked for 20 min. This is the time available to add all other tickets.

Is it possible to request a refund for purchased tickets?

Due to the limited capacity of the venues, purchased tickets are non-refundable unless the event is completely cancelled.

LacMus Festival concerts are all held outdoors.
In case of bad weather, a backup location is provided where you can attend the concert indoors. You will find it listed on each individual concert page, at the “Useful Info” section.
In these cases you will be notified in advance by email provided at the time of purchase.

Are there any discounted rates?

Yes, to see if you may qualify for one of the discounted rates, and for more information, go to the special agreements page.

ATTENTION! Always carry the card that entitles you to the discount or your ID card (for RESIDENTI TREMEZZINA and UNDER 26 discounts only) with you; you will be asked to show it with your concert ticket at the entrance.

Do you need more information?

Email us at ticketing@lacmusfestival.com or send us a message via whatsapp at +39 0344 197 6445.