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6. Legacy of the perfect form


Santuario della Beata Vergine del Soccorso

Saturday 22 August 2020, at 18:30

A concert in a special location with a breathtaking view of Tremezzina. 
The musical program is composed by a Quartet written by Mozart during his italian trips and by a Quartet written by Beethoven in a mature and passionate way, culminating in the Great Fugue op. 133.
Beethoven’s op. 130 and op. 133 are very spiritual, poetic and meditative; therefore this concert becomes a perfect and unique musical experience to be lived in the Sanctuary.


Quartetto Adorno
Edoardo Zosi and Liù Pelliciari, Violin
Benedetta Bucci, Viola
Danilo Squitieri, Cello


Quartetto n. 1 in sol maggiore KV 80

Quartet No. 13 in B Flat Major Op. 130 and Grande Fuga Op. 133

Useful Info:

Ticket Rates:

Approx. 70 min

In case of bad weather:
The concert will take place even in case of bad weather, inside of the Sanctuary.

The concert will be held respecting social distancing rules, in compliance with norms and regulations officially given by Regione Lombardia and by National Authorities.
For such reason, seats will be limited and online reservation is recommended, at this link.