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10. LacMus Festival Educational – Il carnevale degli animali

Free donation

Piazza XI Febbraio, Lenno

Saturday July 17th, 2021 at 08:00 PM

A concert for families and children to discover the power and dynamics of music.


Louis Lortie and Cosme Parolai, piano
Irene Fiorito and Beatrice Spina, violin
Alessandro Prandi, viola
Lorenzo Giuda, cello
Jonas Villegas, double bass
Kurt Schroeter, flute
Anton Dressler, clarinet
Luca Bruno and Louis Sauvêtre, percussion


Ouverture on Hebrew Themes Op. 34

Le carnaval des animaux


Useful Info:

The concert will be held outdoor and without intermission.

Ticket Rates:
Free donation

In case of bad weather:
In case of bad weather the concert will take place at Palazzetto dello sport di Lenno, Via degli Artigiani, 9, Loc. Lenno, 22016 Tremezzina (CO).

The concert will be held respecting social distancing rules, in compliance with norms and regulations officially given by Regione Lombardia and by National Authorities.
For such reason, seats will be limited.
Wearing a mask is mandatory in all the spaces of the venue, including outdoor.